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$10 PlayStation Store Gift Card - PS3/ PS4/ PS Vita RD$795.00
$20 PlayStation Store Gift Card - PS3/ PS4/ PS Vita RD$1450.00
$50 PlayStation Store Gift Card - PS3/ PS4/ PS Vita RD$3095.00
1-Year PlayStation Plus Membership RD$3395.00
3-Month Playstation Plus Membership RD$1695.00
Playstation Move RD$5795.00
Accesorios PS4
PlayStation 4 Camera RD$2995.00
PlayStation 4 Platinum Wireless Headset - Platinum Headset Edition RD$7995.00
PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset - Jet Black RD$5595.00
PlayStation Move Motion Controllers - Two Pack RD$5595.00
PlayStation VR - Standard Edition *AGOTADO* RD$18995.00
Controles PS4
Control PS4 Blue RD$2895.00
Control PS4 Midnight Blue RD$3095.00
Control PS4 Negro RD$2895.00
Control PS4 Red RD$3095.00
Control PS4 Special Design RD$3095.00
PlayStation 4 Blue Camouflage RD$3095.00
PlayStation 4 Crystal RD$3095.00
« Consolas »
PlayStation 4
PlayStation 4 Hits 5 1TB - Bundle Edition RD$22595.00
PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB RD$24995.00
PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console - Red Dead Redemption 2 Bundle RD$25995.00
PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB RD$18495.00
Dragon Quest Heroes RD$1695.00
Mass Effect Andromeda RD$1095.00
Juegos de PS4
Anthem RD$1950.00
Assassin's Creed Odyssey Standard Edition RD$1950.00
Asseto Corsa RD$1595.00
Batman: Arkham Knight RD$1295.00
Battlefield V RD$2395.00
Burnout Paradise Remastered RD$1495.00
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 RD$2195.00
Cars 3: Driven to Win RD$1395.00
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